Metaverse, and self-consciousness

“Will there ever be a day in the future when avatars fully [replace me] ?”
“How will the metaverse affect one's perception of oneself (self-consciousness) in the future?”
Meanwhile, two university students have gathered to discuss the metaverse and its connection with self-consciousness.
This column summarizes the conversation between two university students(A,B) on the Metaverse.

Q. Will Metaverse affect my self-consciousness?

A : Well, I think metaverse is one of the worlds we've already experienced, so I don't believe the metaverse will change our self-consciousness much. In existing platforms, people were already living separately from their egos even before metaverse.
B: What exactly does that mean?
A: Even before metaverse, people separated self-concept based on three criteria. And even if metaverse materializes, I don't think those three criteria will be shaken. The three elements are games, Social Networking Systems, and the Internet. I'll explain it one by one.

Game = Identification of the character and the ego = Putting ego into the net

A: First, I believe 'games' was when people began to put their ego into something other than their own bodies. At first, we started with a brick-breaking game, but RPG games appeared after that. RPG games allow players to grow their characters as their experiences accumulate due to their physical efforts and time investment, and I think that will be the first experience for people to identify with the characters and themselves.
Source: Shadow Night

2.SNS = display a decorated self

A: Next, SNS allows users to express and display themselves, tuned in the direction they want. SNS has the advantage of displaying yourself as you wish safely and comfortably.

3.Internet = Anonymous Ego.

A: The last one is the Internet. Based on anonymity, it creates a safe space to formulate your honest story. Also, anonymity is the most significantly different from SNS.
B: Oh, so those are the three things: "Growing Ego", " Decorated Ego", and "Anonymous Ego”

Metaverse that has the characteristics of all three egos

A: Ah... But wouldn't there be additional or removed egos in the metaverse?
B: Well, I don't think the metaverse is deviating significantly from the mentioned three characteristic egos. Even if I watch the current situation, the metaverse is taking place at the level of utilizing those three egos. I don't think metaverse is it's much different from before platforms. For example, Geppetto is only a form of SNS!

Metaverse' 4th self = creating self.

A: Well, my opinion is a little different. The metaverse values the self that creates a personal world or his/her own game. Examples are Roblox and Geppetto. In this respect, it can be seen as similar to the YouTube platform. YouTubers can continue to make videos according to their personalities, and people with similar tastes to the video subscribe to that channel. In that way, metaverse makes and sells games, creates and displays the world, shares them, etc.
B: Oh, I agree. In the metaverse, self-creation seems to be particularly important. In summary, metaverse can be summarized as "a place where the self-creation and one's own personality are more emphasized without a variance from the direction pursued by the existing games, SNS, and the Internet.”
A: Oh! I can organize it like that. I think this is it for today's conversation.

Let's wrap up the conversation.

The metaverse has felt like a mysterious world; however, when we analyze the characteristics of metaverse one by one, it is confirmed that the direction of the metaverse is not so different from the existing platforms. Wouldn't the four egos, Games, SNS, the Internet (anonymous), and Creation be the four keywords and directions that will lead the metaverse later?